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Www dating with learning difficulty

Self advocacy in the workplace, finding centers that can help find employment or provide training and possible accommodations are among the issues that will be explored in this area.

Read articles Mental health issues can affect anyone, including individuals with learning disabilities (LD) and/or ADHD.

Here we will summarize the options that can be considered after graduation from high school from college, to adult education to life skill programs.

Read articles Adults use many types of literacy tasks associated with work, home and community contexts.

This section will help to guide professionals who teach adults in literacy programs as well as the adults themselves who want to start on a path to improve their literacy skills.

Read articles The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) protects adults with disabilities including learning disabilities (LD) in higher education programs and employment.

You’ve probably had to fight for a proper diagnosis of your child’s condition, then for a place at the right school and the appropriate benefits – but your child has, at least, been entitled to full-time education. Their week is structured, and you’ve got access to specialist services when you need them,’ explains David Congdon of mental-health charity Mencap.

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Up until the age of 18, your son or daughter has been the responsibility of your local council’s Children’s Services department.

The issues that made school work so challenging as a child crop up again in the workplace, in social situations, and in our homes.

Paperwork and reports at work; keeping up with bills; and helping our children with their homework can be a struggle.

A child’s 18th birthday is usually a staging post to adult independence.

But if your son or daughter has learning disabilities, they will continue to need an enormous amount of support in order to live a fulfilling life.


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