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Outlook recurring tasks not updating

The Change Key that was included in the request is no longer valid because the recurring task has been updated.You can use the Get Item Operation to get the latest Change Key for the recurring task.I set up a number of recurring tasks on the desktop.

How can I make my tasks visible again in the To-Do Bar?For nonrecurring tasks or for the last occurrence of a recurring task, the Update Item response returns the same Id that was passed to it and returns the associated updated Change Key.Today I started Outlook and my Task List was completely empty which is (sadly) definitely not the case.Can you try from your laptop to go to the account settings and on the email tab choose your email account and click change, then under the server section try to untick the used cached exchange mode option and finish, then restart your outlook.This way instead of caching all the data on your laptop it will pick up everything live from the exchange.Why isn't the "marked done" setting synchronizing with my Exchange account? Or is it something to do with how the tasks are set up?Sounds like the tasks are caches locally instead of updating in exchange.If a task request has already been sent, a request to update the task will return an error.To correctly save the Date Time properties of a task, a time zone is required.I haven't teleworked in a month and a bit, and when I fired up Outlook on the laptop I had to mark "complete" every recurring task since the last time I teleworked.I have a couple of tasks today that I'll mark done, and when I go to the office tomorrow those tasks in the desktop version of Outlook will be sitting there as overdue.


  1. I've succesfully assigned tasks from Outlook 2003 to another person just one person, non-recurring running Outlook 2003 no exchange. The task shows.

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