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Does anyone know what is going on, and perhaps a way to suppress or quicken this message?

It seems like this updating process could easily be running in the background while I'm doing other things in the IDE, but it doesn't delay you until you click "Pending Checkins", which is when you want to check the files in..wait!

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In Visual Studio 2005 whats difference between "new Project" and "new website".

I'm trying to finish up a website I'm working on but the IDE keeps "freezing" and not saving. I can tab to other pages - I mean the whole program doesn't "freeze", just the page I'm working on.

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It does fire (as expected) when the change comes from the update statement itself) Questions: - Is this expected behaviour? If so, try doing an NSLOOKUP and check out the domain itself and the...visual studio 2005 "closes by itself" Hello, does anyone know how to get rid of this bug. I would recommend you update any visual studio addins you might have to the most recent versions. I've installed every update that microsoft update could find for this machine. The wizard creates my dataset and generates "Select" and "Insert" statements but no "Update" or "delete". By the way, this happens only on certain tables and not on others. Kulin Parikh -- The more I learn about the Internet, the more amazed I am that it works at all.....

- how can I uniformly trigger a change of a column wether set by the update statement or by... i'm trying to solve the error "Err Msg: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" in ASP. i already went to the iis to add new virtual directory (Crystal Report Web Form Viewer) but different error appeared when i compile and browse my application. Message "pending" and "transfer delayed" messages My users are receiving message pending and trasfer delayed messages on about 10 out of 1000 messages. I just can't figure out what the difference between these tables is. Actually I found this error before, running the configuration for the table again gives me that, sometimes I had to delete the table and start again. ALLCOL("%COLUMN%", " ", ", ", ", ")Do you know anyway for me to exclude a subset of columns returned by this function.


  1. The Pending Checkins window displays all the checked-out files in the current solution. You can use this window to check in all the checked out files in a solution with a single button click. To display this window, click Pending Checkins on the View.

  2. Aug 10, 2016. Work in Solution Explorer; Use the My Work page to manage your work; Use the Pending Changes page to manage your work; See what you changed. When you move a work item to Available, In Progress, or Suspended, the work item state or comments are updated so that your team is automatically.

  3. Hi folks, A client of our reported the following behavior. I have been able to reproduced it locally on my laptop using two instances of It seems like the pending changes view does not get automatically updated for incoming changes outgoing is fine. using the IDE integration for RTC.

  4. Never seen your issue before. Try to upgrade your TFS and VS to the latest edition. Also, if the pending changes are under Excluded Changes, they won't be checked in. https//.

  5. I'm using VS 2013 Professional and the Vault standard 7.2.1 265. I just upgraded to the above setup after using VS2010 with Vault 5.1.1 for years without any issue. Here is the problem the Vault Pending Changes window in VS2013 does not refresh itself after a commit or undo action. meaning the files.

  6. Is it possible to prevent the pending checkins to be updated on each checkout within VS2005 The solution is rather large, around 2000 files, and each time.

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