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Famke Janssen moved from Holland to New York as a model 20 years ago, gave up the catwalk to act and made her name as a Bond Girl.

Her role as Xenia Onatopp in the 1995's Golden Eye was memorable chiefly because of the glee with which she played the Russian assassin, who crushed men to death between her thighs.

Lenore was the most unlikeable person in the movie.

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Famke Janssen capably stars as our hopeless heroine, whose friends think that her relationship with her pet, Owen, might be keeping her from closing the deal with her new man—but she’s not convinced.In her other notable role, she has played the telepathic mutant Dr Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise.The three hugely successful films have led to financial security - and a fanatical following for the six-foot tall actress.She plays a recently widowed woman with two adopted children in The Treatment, a drama with Ian Holm, directed by Oren Rudovsky."It's a great Woody Allen type of movie," she says.She's never deliberately fostered that image though; on the contrary, she's done her best to counter it."I just did three independent films in a row and lost money on all of them, but I don't care," says Janssen.I don't want to be typecast, that's my big mission in life and it makes it a harder path in this business for me," she says.At 41, she continues to be named among "the world's sexiest women", but refer to her as a sex symbol and there is a disdainful grimace. "I don't look in the mirror and think I'm beautiful. You walk into a room and people instantly judge you on the way we look; that's human nature, unfortunately."We shot it in New York for absolutely no money." She stars opposite Liev Schreiber and Winona Ryder in The Ten and plays a mother fighting for custody of her 10-year-old son in Turn The River."She finds out her husband's been beating the kid and tries to get him out of the country; she's a mess.


  1. Famke Janssen has confirmed that she's done playing Jean Grey, which will be a relief to Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner, who is currently starring in the.

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