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Intimidating witnesses uk

The idea of witness tampering or intimidation probably brings to mind a defendant in a criminal case threatening a witness, but the defendant is not the only person who can be accused of or commit this crime.

If a person threatens or tries to influence a witness’s testimony of the defendant or the prosecution, he has committed a crime.

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Had I not been represented by Stephen Lickrish & Associates I would have been in Her Majesty’s custody at this moment in time – I do not intend on meeting anymore people in need of legal representation but I can honestly say that if I did I would know where to send them.”I was very impressed by the level of professionalism of your solicitors.

I am obviously very happy with the result of my recent case and I believe that it would have been very hard to achieve this outcome without such diligence and guidance on your part and with the team you assembled Legal proceedings are daunting, and the experience becomes even more stressful when allegations of perverting the course of justice are involved.

Stephen Lickrish & Associates will provide a well-prepared, strong defence to any allegations of perverting the court of justice or witness intimidation.That person has the intention to pervert the course of justice by doing so.Examples of perverting the court of justice include: The maximum penalty for perverting the course of justice is a fine and/or life imprisonment.This includes people who have assisted the police, given evidence or acted as jurors.It is defined as: Harming or threatening to harm another person, or causing them to fear harm, because of the role you know or believe them to have played in a criminal investigation or proceedings.An employer could threaten an employee’s job or promise a promotion if the employee will testify in a certain way or refuse to testify.A witness also could be threatened with harm to his business or reputation.The other statutes require that the person accused actually threatened or intimidated the witness.Coercion and intimidation can involve threats other than physical violence or property damage.With the possibility of such serious penalties, competent and professional legal advice is a must.If you have been charged with perverting the court of justice, please contact us for expert advice without delay.


  1. Witness intimidation is when an attempt is made to threaten or persuade a witness not to give evidence to the police or courts, or to give evidence in a way that is. serious cases and extreme circumstances witnesses can be afforded witness protection and relocated to another part of the UK and even change their identity.

  2. Stephen Lickrish & Associates will provide a well-prepared, strong defence to any allegations of perverting the court of justice or witness intimidation. We skilfully apply our extensive experience in criminal defence cases to ensure you achieve the best outcome possible. Contact us for advice and representation today.

  3. Reduce the quality of their evidence. Witnesses eligible for Special Measures on the basis of potential intimidation will usually be category 3A or 3B witnesses. For more information on Special Measures, please see guidance. Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings which is available at.

  4. It is criminal offence for someone to intimidate a witness, jurors or other persons involved in legal proceedings or an investigation. There is a separate.

  5. Jan 11, 2003. The government is to take a tough line on witness intimidation in response to the increase in gun crime in England and Wales.

  6. In the United Kingdom, witness intimidation is covered by Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, section 51. Under this act it is an offence to perform an act which is intended to and does intimidate a person who the offender knows or believes to be involved with a criminal case with the intention of disturbing the.

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