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Triumph motorcycle dating service

Applicants should contact us on 01457 872788 for the procedure involved in providing a certificate. Applicants should send debit card details to Saddleworth Classic Motorcycles, or email debit card details to the address below.

Cost of the service is £25 per certificate inclusive of U. Overseas customers should provide debit card details for the charge of £30, including postage.

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One of the most common questions I get asked by owners of classic AJS and Matchless motorcycles via this website is how to go about dating their machine.Most of the above data for UK models was drawn from various books by Roy Bacon and Ivor Davies noted in the bibliography, but also from other sources such as...We currently use Pay Pal to process credit card payments - you should not have to join Pay Pal to use the facility, you should be able to Check out as a Guest or Pay with Credit/Debit Card once you reach the Pay Pal payment site.A new coding system (numbers) was introduced using a two letter prefix for the month and model season year, followed by a number which began at 00100 for each model year and ran on irrespective of the model it was stamped on. I have a similar certificate for one of my bikes it is a nice thing to have.If you are currently a member and are renewing then Sign In and you will get a discount of £2.00. Sometimes it will show ' Create an Account' rather than ' Checkout as Guest' but clicking on that may well take you to ' Checkout as Guest' anyway.If the Pay Pal page doesn't appear then it might be busy so please try again after an hour.The factory records also contain lots of additional information which may be of interest to the current owner.These are detailed in a separate letter which the Club supplies alongside the dating certificate.Our motorcycle dating certificates have been accepted by DVLA Swansea for 26 years in support of applications for age-related registrations.We are able to date ALL MAKES of motorcycles from our extensive records and archives which include factory records and many trade reference sources.


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