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Values in excel not updating

#VALUE is Excel's way of saying, "There's something wrong with the way your formula is typed.

Or, there's something wrong with the cells you are referencing." The error is very general, and it can be hard to find the exact cause of it.

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Or you could substitute your own text, such as: "Total Error".If you don't have access to the connection, ask the creator of the workbook to make a new file for you.The new file ideally would only have values, and no connections.If you know from the get-go what format your data should be in, it’s relatively simple to choose a number format for the entire column before entering your data.Just select a column and choose a number format from the Number pane in the Home ribbon: However, things can become troublesome when trying to apply number formatting to an existing range of data.If you typed a date like that in a cell, Excel would recognize it as a date and you'd be able to use it in a subtraction formula.However, if you typed a date like dd/mm/yy, then Excel wouldn't recognize that as a date. There are two solutions to this problem: You could change the date system that your computer uses to match the date system you want to type in Excel.In this example, cell D2 has the budgeted amount, and cell E2 has the actual amount. Type a positive value in one cell, and a negative value in another.In a third cell, use the SUM function to add the two cells together. In a third cell, subtract one cell reference from the other. In a third cell, use the DATEDIF function to find the difference in dates.You can update it by double-clicking the cell, making no changes, and then press Enter, but this can be very tedious.This process is particularly troublesome when importing significant amounts of data.


  1. May 06, 2014 Slicer Values Not Updating Correctly with Calculated Field Using. When I only reference SUM the slicers are not updating as I select the a value in.

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