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Click below to see some of the places where Face to Face Encounters have taken place, or are still in planning stages, around the world!Face to Face began "Encounters" in Emmaus Communities across the United States in 2015.Queensland woman Sue walked out on her husband Gary in 2014 after their marriage disintegrated.Three years later, the estranged couple reunited on SBS show Look Me In The Eye, which aired for the first time on Wednesday night.

They are experiencing a renewed spirit within the community, and growing numbers of pilgrims who are thankful for the focus of Face to Face. "Doc" Hall, Jr., Face to Face Program Manager in the Emmaus Ministries office, by email at [email protected], or call toll free, at 877.899.2780, ext. An adaptation of The Walk to Emmaus, Face to Face is specifically crafted to meet the needs and life-stages of older adults.Face to Face is spreading throughout the world and over 100 Emmaus Communities have received the training for this exciting ministry, including South Africa and Australia.Here is some of what we are hearing - Talks are more relaxed and have richer content (we aren't real sure why this is!The show, hosted by Ray Martin, garnered a massive outpouring of support, with viewers praising the concept. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against the use of SMS messaging, email, Facebook, My Space and the like, but I much prefer good old fashioned face-to-face encounters when I talk with my buddies.The show features two estranged people sitting in silence for five minutes while looking each other in the eye, after which they are given the choice to talk to each other or get up and leave.After three years of bitter silence, Sue unravelled when she looked into the eyes of her former husband, whom she shares three adult daughters with – Lauren, Chloe and Stephanie. 'My heart hurts watching Look Me In The Eye – people and our relationships can be so very complicated but life is short. Another awestruck viewer took to Twitter to say: 'Holy moley, Look Me In The Eye is a big whack in the feels for a Wednesday night'.with immediate participation - Community members who hadn't participated recently came out to pray in the prayer chapel, to host a lunch or to attend candlelight.- Face to Face is the best tool available for building church leadership.'I looked up and saw Gary and burst into tears,' she told au. The social experiment will give 17 pairs of people the chance to reconnect after a period of estrangement.The Queensland mother said she didn't know what to expect.'I didn't even think Gary would turn up and when I heard those footsteps I thought it was Ray Martin coming to tell me he hadn't come,' she said. Wednesday night's episode was the first of six set to air on SBS.


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