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With bad traffic or train delays, it can easily take four. Because on these days, she gets to do what she loves most: act.

In Dharavi, she heads to the home of Baburao Laadsaheb, whose living room serves as the studio for a weekly acting and dancing class.

What are you looking forward to about playing the festival? On any given day, you can walk into a club in New York and find the best of the best performing.

As somebody who wants to make his presence felt in a market like this …

She said, "Whether I am single or not that is not the discussion, but I am not dating Hardik Pandya.

Even I heard about it." Fans expecting a 'second Bollywood-cricket' link after Virat and Anushka would surely be a disappointed lot.

But I always felt like that accent never said anything substantial.

if they’re laughing at me, then I feel like I’m genuinely funny.

How is a set that you do in the US different from one you’d do in India?

In one of these, a married woman is harassed by her ex-boyfriend, and her husband rescues her just in the nick of time. Where scenes involving emotional intimacy made the others uncomfortable and found virtually no volunteers, Jadav took them on with enthusiasm.

Jadav played the married woman, and two other students, Mahesh Kumar Rao and Dhananjay Shankar Pakly, played the ex-boyfriend and husband, respectively. Ta-na na-na na-na na-na,” Laadsaheb sang out dramatic music. While the other students repeated Laadsaheb’s formulaic lines without any apparent emotion or interest, Jadav delivered them with melodramatic flair.


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